The teacher - Kishinkai
Learn more about Nathan Augeard and the Kishinkai style. Kishinkai aikido style classes in Glasgow. Looking for martial efficiency, increased body awareness, well-being or fitness? Come and try, first class is free!
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The teacher

This text was last updated in January 2018.

Hi, let me tell you a bit more about me and why I’m passionate about sharing this Kishinkai aikido style.

My Background

My name is Nathan, I am French and was raised in Belgium. I started aikido more than 15 years ago, with Stéphane Crommelynck at the Sakura Dojo. Since 2012 I have been his assistant during classes, and I keep helping whenever I am back in Belgium. It really helped me to discover and develop my ability to teach, and I already had several opportunities where I really enjoyed sharing with children and teenagers (I have given classes for week-long seminars) as well as adults. I also had the privilege to be asked by Stephane to give classes during a full week during a children’s seminar in the Sakura Dojo.

I met Leo Tamaki when he first came in Belgium in 2008. Since then I have been following his teachings, as my own teacher and his Sakura Dojo shifted towards what has become the Kishinkai. I further developed into the Kishinkai during international seminars that took me to many places in France, Spain, and even Japan!

I successfully passed my nidan (black belt, second dan) in July 2016, after an exam in front of Leo Tamaki, Arnaud Lejeune and Stéphane Crommelynck, thus becoming one of the first two Kishinkai nidan of Belgium.

Kishinkai practice

Meeting masters such as Hino sensei, Kono sensei or more recently Kuroda sensei was a revelation. I witnessed what could be considered as the highest level of practice nowadays. Being able to learn from the masters of my master was indeed a powerful experience.

Kishinkai offers an aikido with respect and kindness, researching martial efficiency through harmony.

Kishinkai is a very recent current in aikido, and as such has not been developed in Scotland yet. This prompted me to dedicate myself, by my practice, to the sharing of Kishinkai style and what it stands for, here in Glasgow. I intend to do this very much in a spirit of exploration and research, not preaching one truth, but offering a point of view based on my current level and willing to learn and develop in the process as well.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mats!