Aikido - Kishinkai
Learn more about aikido and its benefits. Kishinkai aikido style classes in Glasgow. Looking for martial efficiency, increased body awareness, well-being or fitness? Come and try, first class is free!
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Aikido is a Japanese martial art, created by Ueshiba Morihei (1883-1969). Ueshiba (also known as Osensei) synthetized the martial techniques applied by Japanese warriors (amongst other) into what is called aikido. Through study and research, Osensei established this martial art interlaced with his philosophical reflexions.


This martial art is much more than a simple fight. Rather than researching the destruction of the opponent, aikido offers a way to show the uselessness of attacking and a way to neutralise the dangerous potential of the other without any harm in both camps.


Aikido practice includes the use of strikes, immobilisations and projections. The use of some wooden weapons, such as the sword (bokken), the staff (jo) and the knife (tanto) is also studied.


Classes are open to anyone. All age, gender, experience or styles are welcome. Several benefits underlie the research of harmony through martial efficiency. Whether you are looking for some physical activity, a way to control yourself, a martial research or just a good time with friendly people, you are most welcome. One way or another, something positive will emerge from your contact with aikido.

Why practise aikido?


Aikido allows unification of the body and the mind. Practice will enable relaxation of tensions, physical or emotional. Focus, inner well-being and self-mastery will also be developed. Physical changes, such as muscle tone or flexibility can equally arise following practice.


By increasing efficiency and self-confidence, harmony with the inner self and the outer world will grow. It is a good way to help children redirect their energy into something constructive.