Kishinkai Aikido Glasgow
Kishinkai Aikido in Glasgow. All welcome to our classes, first one is free! Friendly environment to develop martial efficiency, well-being & body awareness.
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Class is open to all levels, ages and styles!

The Vanguard Centre – Wednesday Class


Why not come and give it a try? Classes are now on, you will be warmly welcomed by the current members. The first one is free 🙂

Click here to know more about it.

Dojo Andalus – Weapon Class and Children Class


Curious about the Kishinkai style, and how it can benefit you?

Make sure you check the “about Kishinkai” page.

Bokken Aikido Glasgow
Picture by Karine Jadinon ©


Aikido is a Japanese martial art, offering various benefits. Everyone will find something different and constructive.

To know more about it, click here.

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